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“By this time, the fighting at the Sunken Road had taken on new violence. Shells from Confederate artillery tore large trenches in the plowed fields, speeding on with an irresistable force until their momentum was spent.”

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One of the most surprising things that new students of the Battle of Antietam discover is that the first full-length monograph of the Maryland Campaign was not published until the mid-1960s. Perhaps even more amazing is that forty years after it first hit the shelves, the Gleam of Bayonets, the Battle of Antietam and Robert E. Lee's Maryland Campaign, September, 1862, is still considered by many to be the best single-volume account of 'who-shot-who' at the battle.

James V. Murfin's engaging narrative style is certainly a factor in the Gleam of Bayonets' success. But what makes the volume valuable for even serious Antietam scholars is that it is currently the only published work based on the landmark 'Carman Maps'. Ezra A. Carman, a veteran of the battle and it's first historian, produced an indispensable set of troop movement maps and edited them with prodigious input from Union and Confederate veterans alike, but never published the accompanying manuscript.

Due to popular demand, Murfin's book was reprinted in 2004, featuring a new introduction by D, Scott Hartwig. Click here to buy this book.

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