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Early Postcards of the Maryland Campaign of 1862

A stunning collection of over 160 pre-1930 postcards of the Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, South Mountain, Harper's Ferry and other battle-related sites. Includes a searchable database and a zoomable viewer. Mac / Windows.

Antietam Artifacts

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Sample Panoramas of Dunker Church andBurnside Bridge
We will be shooting most of our panoramas this fall once the leaves fall off of the trees, but thought you might nenjoy seeing our working files. This file requires QuickTime to view and will make your browser go to full-screen. Enjoy! Click here. (1MB)

Sample Panos

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Additional Resources

Antietam National Park
Established by Act of Congress on August 30, 1890, this Civil War site marks the end of General Robert E. Lee's first invasion of the North in September 1862. Site was recently redesigned with lots of new media.

Chambersburg Civil War Seminars
Ted Alexander, Historian of the battlefield and known for hosting killer seminars, is offering what is being billed as "The Largest Antietam Seminar Ever!" Bearss, Frye, Rafuse, Clemens, Jamieson, Priest...

Antietam on the Web
An independent resource on the Battle featuring all of the Official Reports, a large database of the military units and leading participants, detailed battle maps, and in- depth articles written by site members.

The Battle of Sharpsblog
Keep up on the latest battlefield news. Mannie Gentile and John Hoptak, seasonal Antietam rangers both, have excellent blogs. As well, Brian Downey, creator of Antietem on the Web posts his musings.

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Gettysburg Monument Databace

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