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Mary Locher Cabin

The Mary Locher cabin is the oldest historic structure on the Antietam Battlefield, but if it cannot be restored, an important piece of history will be lost forever. Soldier journal entries record that several men died near the Mary Locher cabin during the furious West Woods fighting. Following the battle this property served as a burial ground. A temporary canopy is currently being constructed to protect the cabin during the stabilization and restoration process. We welcome donations to continue with the preservation of this historic structure. Thank you for helping to preserve Antietam National Battlefield! Click here to donate.

Preserve Your Antietam

You can support Antietam by making a gift to a battlefield project. Simply click on the contributions link provided. Alternatively, you can make a gift in person at the park bookstore or send your donation by mail indicating your project of choice to:

"Preserve Your Antietam"
c/o Antietam Partner Program
PO Box 692, Sharpsburg, MD 21782

Display Your Support Year-Round!
Each gift of $20 or more, to any of the programs below, comes with an Antietam Certificate of Appreciation, customized with the name of your choice, and a letter acknowledging your donation. The certificate is "frame-ready" for displaying at home, school or the office.

The North Woods, East Woods and especially the West Woods were crucial settings during the battle of Antietam. Your gift will fund tree planting and re-establishment of these historic woodlots. Click here to donate.

Battlefield monuments honor the brave men and a courageous woman, Clara Barton, who fought or otherwise served at Antietam. Your support dollars fund cleaning and preservation of the park's 100+ monuments and more than 250 historical tablets. Click here to donate.   

The wooden fences at Antietam are a key element of the historic battlefield landscape. Your gift will help add new sections of five-rail fence, and the picturesque "snake fence." Click here to donate.

Antietam was referred to as "Artillery Hell" because of the horrendous daylong cannon fire. Your gift will fund cleaning, painting and restoration of the park's cannons. Click here to donate.

Educating and inspiring students is vital for the long-term preservation of Antietam. The park's education rangers delivered programs to nearly 18,000 students last year - a new record. Your gift will help ensure that this good work continues. Click here to donate.

New Project: Restoring the Locher Cabin
The park is just beginning work on the restoration of the Mary Locher cabin. Several soldiers fell on the grounds near this home during the furious West Woods fighting. Click here to donate.

Thank you for valuing the sacrifice & serenity that is Antietam.

The Western Maryland Interpretive Association (WMIA), the official nonprofit cooperating association for Antietam Battlefield, manages the Antietam Partner program. Contact us at 301/432-0751 or

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